Friday, April 8, 2011

Dark Eldar! The Wyches Have Arrived!

So there is quite a bit to cover in this little post, so i'll get with it. Recently i have not had much time to paint or really explore my hobbies in great depth due to "life events", but now that much of that is resolved i have some new pictures of some painted models to show off, some new and classic Wych models.

The pictures taken here were taken on the front hood of my car with a piece of sketch paper as a back drop, the only source lighting being that of the setting sun, so i apologize in advance for the shadows and any discrepancies there may be, i think only a bit of the vibrancy of purple armour was lost on the classic models due to improper lighting, but other than that, everything looks pretty bang on.

The first image here is a group shot of a finished unit of plastic wyches that i picked up back near the November release of the new line, you may recognize the model to the right of the center model as being one that i posted back when i was doing the initial paint scheme test for these models, well, for the most part they are finished (unless some time in the future a glaring detail pops up, and believe me they always do!).  The scheme is pretty consistent with that of the classic models only including the bluish black body suites of the new models.

the armour is lych purple, with warlock purple highlights brought up and down to varying degrees of shading and highlighting, the body suit is necron abyss, highlighted with fenris grey, washed with bedab black and brought up a bit with some more fenris grey.  The skin tones, is a amalgamation of tallaran flesh, ogryn flesh wash, and deneb stone (this skin tone may be changed for the one featured on the classic models a little further down on future plastic wych models) and of course the metallics are still just simply mithryl silver and Aysuran Blue wash.  I decided to continue with the frozen tundra basing motif, i find it is effective on these models.

This is a Classic wych model, one i painted last wednesday while on an excursion to Black Knight Games in Hamilton ( I love that store, great people, great gaming, great stock, just great in general).  This model features the skin tone i mentioned above a much more pale tone and less tanned (and less work intensive) than the above models and previous wyches i have painted.  The tone is achieved by painting all areas of skin with deneb stone, wash with asuran blue, and highlight with deneb stone, DONE, simple.

I also included a picture of a painted classic mandrake, which i'm using as a wych model in the current edition.  It still has some finishing touches left to be done, but i'm enjoying how well these models sort of bridge the gap between the classic and the new wych models, the guns are still horendously large, the models still incredibly 2-D, but they work.

Well thats all for now, i'll be sure to update more when i get more painted!

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