Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nothing Better Than the Real Deal, Classic Fex

This is a homage to the days when I first started playing warhammer 40k. Tyranids were my first army, what inspired me to collect these odd bright red bugs was the unique nature of the models, nothing else in the game was quite like it. When i first perused the old citadel miniatures catalogue i was presented with many models that would seem unrecognizable as Tyranids these days, one of which being the model seen below. Many people call these the "Old Screamer Killer" model, and in all respects under the new rules they're correct, in the old rules, Carnifexs only came one way, it was THE Carnifex, variants asside, it also came stacked with 10 wounds on its profile and an armour save of 3+ that was taken on 2D6, cant go wrong with that.

This model is a piece in a project i'm currently working on for nostalgic and display purposes. The plan is to paint all the second edition (and better part of the third edition) models I own in their original colour scheme as presented in the second edition codex. There are lots of Reds, Purples, Blues, Greens, and Bone colours involved in the colour scheme where almost each unit entry has it's own unique paint scheme using this diverse palette. As an army it looks striking, as each section utilizes a different combat technique while each bares it's own colours. This creates the effect of the army itself looking like a writhing organism over the course of the battle.

For anyone interested in seeing more pictures of the classic Tyranid models painted in the colours they were originally envisioned with, keep checking back for more. There is also a picture of a Hive Tyrant that i had painted on an earlier date on a previous post!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

Sorry for the disco reference in the title, i just couldn't resist. Today I've posted some pictures of a Ork Burna that i painted last night, and finished up today. This is was just a simple project that i did to break up all the dark eldar that i've been painting over the past few weeks. The colour pallet is broken down into several complimentary colour sets (green, red, purple and yellow) and lots of industrial themes and earth tones. Lots of chipped paint, oxidization, rust, scuffs and scratches.
Front View
Front View
Side View
Back View

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reavers on Parade

So here is the Reaver Jetbike group shots as promised, there isn't a succubus model in the group yet, although there have been a few ideas floating around in my mind for some cool conversions. Here you can see the simple blaster conversion completed by adding one of the plasma pods of a starcannon to the front of the splinter rifle. There are two more models left that need painting to complete the unit, and i have ideas for creating a second unit, or even just adding another five models to the current. I'll probably do this by purchasing a second battle force, you can't go wrong with a spare raider and extra jetbikes.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Trygon at Last

As Requested I've take a photo shoot of my Trygon Model entry for the Warpstone Painting competition. The model took me approximately two hours to assemble, and then 8 hours of painting all done on the release date of this particular miniature (if you can call it miniature). The base is made of an assortment of slate stone fragments, sand, and moss. I was going to go for a water effect base, resembling something like a great serpent writing from a great body of water, however due to time restraints i had to leave out this part of the modeling process. Just for a note, this model was purchased built and painted all in the course of one day, 24 hours.

The Paint Scheme i used for this model was developed over much debate on how exactly i'd like my Trygon to look, after debating on a few colour schemes i chose one that most closely represented the intended effect. Using a colour pallet of soft muted (other than the red) cool colours i would draw out that alien oceanic feel. I love using turquoise, purples and blues in a great deal of my painting, i like how the colours blend and compliment eachother. The red talons were added later after deciding the model needed some contrasting warm colours to really bring out the deadly nature of the beast. In nature this is often exhibited on deadly flora and fauna, so i wanted to embrace the evolutionary qualities in the tyranids with colours that say danger. What better way to do this than with bright red!

The methods used for painting this model include a various number of blending techniques, selective washes and line work. The mucus hanging from the Trygon's mouth is a melted down plastic flying stand, with a light green wash applied.

A note on the tail, the tail was melted slightly in a pot of boiling water to get it to coil around the rock as shown in the above photos. This was done very carefully so not to melt or break any of the spines on the model. To assure this, the bending process was done in several short increments. After the bending was complete the flat underside of the trygon body was re-sculpted using epoxy putty to simulate the beasts muscles propelling itself up the rock.

All in all this was a fun model and a very interesting project considering the time restraints, the model came in a close second place in the final warpstone painting competition judging.


Today, i'm posting something a little different than the previous posts. It is a sketch of a abandoned and rather dilapidated building with the personal effects of a squatter, complete with dirty mattress backpack, empty cans and soda bottle, a pair of broken glasses, soggy reading material and small campfire. The original inspiration I had for this sketch is lost, but I've considered using it as reference for completing a much more defined and possibly colourized digital version, depends on how ambitious i get with the drawing, more than likely it will remain at this stage of completion in my sketch book, blown out windows, broken reinforced concrete and all.
Inspired originally by unpopulated urban areas found throughout the west, (primarily Canada and the United States) I find a certain amount of beauty in decrepitude and the dissolution of the urban expanse. I would have liked to incorporate more natural elements in the picture such as over grows, weeds, grass, trees and all, but i felt that this environ looked way too war torn in the finished product rather than the subject of gradual decay. This picture could be considered a post apocalyptic vision or an expose on the life of the urban homeless, take it as you will. I think the picture needs some softness with all it's sharp edges, maybe a old well used teddy bear or something of the sort sitting on the edge of the bed, something small to bring in that creepy atmosphere, something to remind us that no matter where we are in life we are still human.

Edit* Here is the updated picture with the stuffed bear, adds a innocence to the decrepitude...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Darker Kind of Lance

Today, I'm showcasing something of my own creation, or shall i say borrowed and then added upon. This darklance warrior was inspired by the current lack of an accessible or even good looking model at that. The current Metal mini which is not supplied with the plastic box is disproportionate and lacking in detail in my opinion if not even disproportionate, seeing the gun is larger than the warrior by far.(the only upgrades available int the box are one for a sub par looking sybarite, and a splinter cannon, which effectively is a 4 shot bolter). This conversion incorperates a quick removal and repositioning of the hand holding the splinter cannon, then the standard rifle support arm placed on the underside. the end of the barrel was then flattened to allow for an upside down splinter pistol to be attached. This goes against the current look of the dark lance, but i feel that it adds a bit of detail to what in my opinion is a very bland gun to begin with.

The Paint scheme as shown on this model is what i have in mind for the warrior units, predominantly blue with hints of red and metallic blue, the models feature none of the purple that is shown on the wyches. I wanted to make a contrast between the units, just to show that they are separate from the army and not the mainstay.

In the picture above you can see that relatively little work needs to be done to convert a splinter cannon into a dark lance, there is no green stuff applied no shaving or reworking of the joints, just a simple maneuvering of the arm to hold the gun over the shoulder.

Hopefully by the end of today i'll have some more pictures of the completed unit of reaver jetbikes to post, till then, food is in order, so i'll leave it at that, hope you enjoyed this simple conversion, very effective in both cost and visuals. Take care!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reavers on the Ready

After a long day spent painting and debating the finer aspects of roleplaying on various forums (believe me i'm in favour of making roleplaying and accessible hobby) i have a quick post with a couple pictures of a recently painted reaver jetbike. This is the first plastic model i've posted on this blog. I'm a big fan of these particular miniatures as i find them to be the most ingenious and interesting of the dark eldar models, this model is probably the reason behind the line getting much of it's attention just because it looks so cool. Who wouldn't want a sky faring "ninja" bike adorned with plenty of awesome spikes. I've painted this model in the usual blue and purple paint scheme with blue armour for the rider just to contrast the bike. the bike itself transitions from midnight blue to lych purple, then warlock purple highlights, the same scheme that can be found on the other vehicles in the army, ie raiders. I hope to have a whole unit of these painted up for tomorrow including a bike with converted blaster, which i will detail in the write up as to how it was made.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dark Eldar Archite and Wych Group Shot

Today, an addition to the Dark Eldar army in the form of an Archite and a completed Wych unit for the Wych Cult. Ideally the Archite is painted in a scheme that highlights both elements of the Wych units with their predominantly purple armour and the warrior units with the predominantly blue armour. Both the wyches and the warriors use the metallic blue weaponry as shown and has become something of a central theme to the army. The Vehicles in the army use a similar paint scheme, but i will show more of those as i complete them down the road.
The first view as shown above, is of the Archite from a side perspective, showcasing the facial features and metallic flesh snares on the flowing gown. I wasn't a huge fan of how off balance the gown was on this model, all in all it seems rather poorly sculpted and did leave some casting issues as far as the wires holding the hooks on her side. It seems there were some air bubbles that made this line rather disjointed. it also hides a lot of the great details in the dark eldar armour.
As seen from the front angle the Archite has a rather wind swept motif going on with her hair and gown flowing to the right of the image. I think it's a little quirky, the mohawk is neat, and the bare scalp could leave some room for some freehand tattoo work, however i didn't paint any this time through as i though it would make the model feel somewhat crowded on the gaming table. Little details look great on showcase minis, but when it comes to gaming pieces its a shame to have the model fall over and get scratched or all the little intricate details you spent so much time on just look like visual clutter on the battle field.
Here is the Completed unit of Dark Eldar Wyches, the one to the right back was the first painted of its kind, painted in the summer of 2009 with the initial purchase of the models, note that its weapons are not painted with the trademark metallic blue weaponry, this was developed at a later date in the fall of 2009. There are currently seven more models like these in intermediate stages of being painted on my painting desk, I'll take another group shot once the army gets up in a few more numbers.
A Blast From The Past, and More DE

Here is just something simple to start off with, a blast from the past. A re-shoot of the classic Hive Tyrant model, this time with a few photo editing lessons under my belt the levels should be just right on this one. I apologize for the burriness in the top right hand side of the image, I've made sure to turn off the time and date settings on the camera so that i no longer need to do messy edits as seen here. It's going to take awhile to get used to using this camera, i just recently found it floating around in my possession, but at 5 mega pixels, it's a little on the lacking side. Maybe i'll have to see if i can snag a digital slr somewhere.

Now on a different note, here is a conceptual paint job that i'm currently using on my Wych Cult army, let me know what you think, lots of purples and blues used in a similar manner as to the warrior squads in the army, with red highlights on the muscle fibre body suits that remind me a great deal of the vlad body armour in the 1990's film version of Dracula. I might even put on a coat of gloss varnish to really bring out the macabre nature. I've based the model on a snow base, I've always wanted to base an army on snow themed bases, just never really followed it all the way through. Somewhere around the second unit or so the bases usually fall out of my grace and i end up changing the whole thing. We'll see how long this lasts. As for the paint job, the metallics are simply mithril silver with blue wash, the suits are painted with midnight blue, worked up to lych purple, then warlock and finally a very bright pink highlight. The hair is painted black, the red is mechrite with blood red highlights, some fenris grey here and there and Talleran Flesh for the skin

I will more than likely be posting a second post today a little later in the day when i finish a little more of the unit that the model from above belongs to.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

POST 1.01 The First

so now that we've gotten the introductions out of the way I've decided to post the first of my mini posts. This miniature is one that i'm not particularly fond of, released with the dark eldar back in 1998 yes over a decade ago. The sculpt in itself is great, except for those hideous hands that i've thought of cutting off and replacing several times over now, but till then these giant mitts will have to do. The colour scheme is simple, and as it is a work in progress (They're always work in progresses till i decide to stop working on them), so take it with a grain of salt it isn't going to be the best paint job ever... pretty much everything about this photo is sub par, my painting, the miniature itself, and of course my superior photography skills (the sarcasm is thick isn't it).

I took three different angles of this picture to show you all the curves of this buxom beauty. Comments are welcome, email me for any questions about the paint scheme.

Welcome to the Avernus in Miniature Blog! This is the first entry which will definitely rock your socks off because yes, there are no pictures, there are no videos, no content what-so-ever, just me. Your one of a kind, self proclaimed Blogmaster Mallius. Currently i'm working on a whole host of projects to document on this web page, primarily music and miniature endeavors... so without adieu, sit back and relax and wait for the next blog entry!

... ahh, tired of waiting i see. There is little more that i can suggest other than maybe starting a blog of your own and documenting your oh so inferior interests in detail there, so that they can remain hidden in the deepest darkest recesses of what i'm informed is the "Blog-o-sphere". Shall you rot and whelp in peace... but really start a blog, it's a great way of documenting little things for you and your friends to gloat and obsess over, really it's oodles of fun! DO IT! Bye! and have fun! It's Mandatory! (or so i was once told)