Monday, May 2, 2011

Warmachine: Retribution Invictors

Just a quick update, I've painted a few minis since i've last posted, however most of them are work in progress.  If i find a decent amount of time i might work on a tutorial for painting retribution models... which would consist mostly of how to paint white armour and green cloth.  I've found all the colours i use are present in the Trollblood faction paintset, with a few additions here and there, the troll blue highlight works great as a base colour for painting white, however if you're looking for a white with less blue saturation i do believe there are better colours in the p3 line for this.

so as for pictures, i have two pictures of a couple Dawnguard Invictors that I painted up this past weekend.  After i finish the remaining two models in the unit and touch up the models i had painted previous to just recently i'll take a group shot and post it on here.  My Warmachine force is sitting at about 40% painted now, i'm looking forward to finally being able to take an army shot but i think i'm a little ways off from that at the moment.

The contours of these models are excellent for organic shading, along with the etching which is great for pigment washes.  (here i've used a mix of hawk turquoise and vellajo paint thinner with an ample amount of water added).  The weapons still need a bit of detail work, they look bland as a solid colour.  Also the first of the two invictors i've posted here looks a little warry, i'm not sure that was the expression Privateer was going for, but it's how it turned out.  The expression is all in how you paint the eyes!

As for future projects, I plan on priming tons of models this weekend including the remaining warmachine models i've yet to prime, and a set of Malifaux stuff that i picked up on the weekend.  I've played one game of Malifaux to try and learn the rules a bit better, and i'm really excited to get in a few more.  The game is really interesting from what i've experienced.  I definitly recommend it for anyone interested in trying something new!  I'll post more about it later.
Till then, cheers!

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