Friday, April 23, 2010

We are but Ghosts, Dead Men Walking

After a longer than usual hiatus from miniature painting, I have a new prototype paintjob of a Deathwing Terminator to go along with my Dark Angels Spacemarines Army. I was fortunate enough to have a bone coloured spray paint,which is close enough to the citadel "bleached bone" pigment, to get the base colour down on the model. The spray paint was provided by Army Painter, and is applied to the model much like a standard citadel primer would be and dries with a consistent matt finish. I have painted several Deathwing terminators in the past without the use of this spray colour. The process was time consuming and resulted in a paint job i was not all together happy with. I'm going to take this as an opportunity to re-prime and re-paint my 20 terminator models. When they are finished they should stand in striking contrast to their Ravenwing counterpart.

Highlights of this paintjob, where to begin. The eyes and the lightning claws are painted in a similar fashion all be it reverse from one another, the eyes starting from the darkest hue and working up to the brilliant white dot at the center of the eye, The claws started with a solid coat of off white and were then successively shaded with blended washed of turquoise and enchanted blue right at the base of the claw, which was feathered into the remaining turquoise paint. The emblem on the right shoulderpad is a free handed painting of the Deathwing iconography, painted in a single coat of blood red. A pencil outline was drawn on the model for reference before the symbol was painted and then later erased after the paint had dried to ensure it was scaled to the size i wanted it before i painted it on. This is very helpful especially when using temperamental colours such as whites and reds. Shading was done with Griphonne Sepia, Delvin Mud and Badab Black Washes. the weathering was done by selectively painting a dark brown paint to scratched areas, then highlighting the underside with either white or bone coloured paint.

I have not decided how best to do the bases for these models, although i'm thinking of using cork and sand to achive a disturbed earth feel, Another idea was to do a arid wasteland base with bone coloured tall grass, savanna style. A darker coloured base might compliment these models better, elements of green would also tie into the green aquilla symbol on the chests of the models. How about you leave me a comment and tell me how you think i should base this model.

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  1. Nice. :)

    That is a hard decision for your base.
    I'm thinking the savannah style would go with your model more as it the colours on it look like, a desert style. Though, the disturbed earth base would have a nicer contrast with the model.