Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nothing Better Than the Real Deal, Classic Fex

This is a homage to the days when I first started playing warhammer 40k. Tyranids were my first army, what inspired me to collect these odd bright red bugs was the unique nature of the models, nothing else in the game was quite like it. When i first perused the old citadel miniatures catalogue i was presented with many models that would seem unrecognizable as Tyranids these days, one of which being the model seen below. Many people call these the "Old Screamer Killer" model, and in all respects under the new rules they're correct, in the old rules, Carnifexs only came one way, it was THE Carnifex, variants asside, it also came stacked with 10 wounds on its profile and an armour save of 3+ that was taken on 2D6, cant go wrong with that.

This model is a piece in a project i'm currently working on for nostalgic and display purposes. The plan is to paint all the second edition (and better part of the third edition) models I own in their original colour scheme as presented in the second edition codex. There are lots of Reds, Purples, Blues, Greens, and Bone colours involved in the colour scheme where almost each unit entry has it's own unique paint scheme using this diverse palette. As an army it looks striking, as each section utilizes a different combat technique while each bares it's own colours. This creates the effect of the army itself looking like a writhing organism over the course of the battle.

For anyone interested in seeing more pictures of the classic Tyranid models painted in the colours they were originally envisioned with, keep checking back for more. There is also a picture of a Hive Tyrant that i had painted on an earlier date on a previous post!

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