Thursday, July 15, 2010

Skaven Slaves and Rat Swarms

After a few days hard at work i've managed to whip up a few units to show off, one being a work in progress unit of 50 Skaven Slaves, the second be 5 finished rat swarm bases.

First off the Slaves!

Skaven Slaves are a very useful unit to the Skaven army.  They have the strength and toughness of any other skaven core unit and are less than half the points of a typical clan rat.  Being that i usually take units of 40 and up for clanrats, the rule of strength in numbers goes double for these guys.  With a base leadership sitting at 2 they need all the help they can get from the extra ranks of rats, and even with a full rank bonus they're still sitting at a leadership of 5.  Hopefully with fifty models in the unit it will keep them from prematurely breaking.

One of the nasty little tricks this unit has is its ability to deals str 3 auto-hits to all the units around it when it breaks!  I plan to get this unit into combat as quickly as possible, take as many enemies out with their numbers and then have them blow up on the enemy when they're finally finished fighting.  Sounds like a ratty tactic to me.

I'd like to field four units of fifty slaves in games around 3000pts and up, two or three should suffice for anything smaller.  Simply the numbers should scare any over confident general when facing off against the skaven

Secondly the Rat Swarms!

Currently i'm sitting at 10 of these bases... given that they are 5 wounds a piece, move 6 inches and are unbreakable makes these well worth the few points you pay for them.  They arn't a heavy hitter, but seeing as they can now wound any toughness on a 6 they're all the more valuable to take as shock troops.  Fun little models to paint although there isn't a great deal of variation in the models seeing as it only comes with two different types of tiles.  Once again these should serve visually intimidating sitting at the front of a skaven army on mass!

More to come soon!

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