Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amassing the Skaven Hoard

I've decided to dig the Skaven out of hibernation for the release of the new 8th edition rules set that was just released yesterday.  My ultimate goal would be to have all my skaven models painted and table ready in a month, ultimately this is going to be near impossible without a great amount of focus.  So lets start by looking at what we have to deal with.

In this picture there are:
80 or more clan rats,
40 stormvermin
15 poisonwind globadiers
50 giant rats
4 rat ogres
80 plaguemonks
12 plaguecensors
a doom wheel
screaming bell
warp lighting cannon
20 night runners
5 jezzails
4 support weapon teams
and a host of Characters

i'd say that 20 percent of it is painted another 10 percent is base coloured, and only about 10 percent of it sits unprimed.

To tackle this project i'm going to have to take it on in chunks, after all taking all of this on at once is much too mind boggling, I usually find the best way to get an army painted is work on painting a unit at a time scaled to a 1000 point army.  So if in 1000 points you would take a block of 30 monks and 50 giant rats then paint those two units and accompanying characters.  Not only does this get models painted, but it also ensures that i'll get some games in with some nicely painted models while i'm painting the rest.

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