Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greater Daemon of Slaneesh - Keeper of Secrets, Forgeworld

After a  long hiatus from blogging, i'm back with a few pictures.  I haven't stopped painting or taking pictures of my pieces, i just haven't been posting on this blog, so there is a little bit of a back catalogue to work through, Including a Campaign report from the past month of gaming at Black Knight Games.

Here i have some pictures of the work in progress greater daemon of Slaneesh that i purchased from Gamesday Canada 2008... it's been long overdue.  

As a side note, this model was the victim of a flood recovery at which point it was near destroyed... it has taken a great deal of TLC to restore it, including having to handcraft new fingernails for her left hand.  This was done using a cast off section of old sprue and a dremel grinder to get the slender length i needed from the plastic. These were then filed and shaped with a hobby knife and files

You can see from this angle the two tone nature of the paint scheme i have chosen... i wanted to make the model look as if it were changing the pigment of its skin to appeal more to the enemies it was fighting.  It has been plenty of fun to paint and over all i'm happy with the results. I'll take more pictures in the future!


  1. She's a beauty. :) I love all the different colours!

  2. She's beautiful. What are the shiny bits on her skin?

  3. think of them something as glamour body decals... i like using techniques like these coloured dots to add decoration to these models.