Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Dark Eldar and Skaven Mordheim Warband

A quick comparison between the new and previous ranges of the Dark Eldar Wych Model.  The one to the left was just recently painted as a prototype to go with my existing Dark Eldar force, after looking at the two side by side it is easy to pick out the difference in scale and proportion of the models,  although the old ones have the gladatorial feel to the the new models are all together much more unified and look much more cohesive as a force.  The under suit adds a new element to the model, which i've decided to paint with a visually black latex feel.  This is achieved by painting a base coat of necron abyss and then highlighting with fenris grey, after this give it all a wash of bedab black, and some asurmen blue, and voila instant latex/pvc catsuit.

Below is a picture of my current skaven Mordheim warband, the centerpiece, snich, is taking the role of my skaven assassin adept and was painted last week when ambition struck.

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