Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dark Eldar Warp Beasts (Khymera/Dire Wolves)

Here is a few pictures of my most recently painted miniatures for the Dark Eldar force, A pack of five Khymera Warp Beasts ripped straight from the nightmares of a beastmaster.  I decided to go with a contrasting and vibrant paint scheme on these models trying to make the different elements of the sculpt stand out.  The Dire Wolf models are not my favorite, however i believe they support the materialization of a beast from the warp perfectly and view these beasts as "creating themselves" rather than the decaying imagery of the dire wolves.  I decided to go away from natural tones (as the warp is all but natural) Going for a predominately Blue/black, Purple and Green colour scheme.  The bone was painted a light grey washed with green the same time as the muscle and then further highlighted with more of the same grey colour.