Monday, June 20, 2011

Lilith Hesperax V.2 and Update

Its been awhile since i've posted anything, mostly due to my extreme lack of enthusiasm to paint anything worth sharing. On the miniature front, specifically in the area of painting, I've been working on some paint schemes for some Infinity models from the Aleph faction, i've decided on an off blue white that fades into a light purple, think polished ceramic armour.  I've also picked up a few items for the ogre kingdoms, which i have a feeling will be getting some attention this summer/winter if i can find a group of people interested in playing warhammer fantasy, i'm not sure how this new expansion is going to factor in the Ogres (or tomb kings for that matter) as both army's magic systems work significantly different than any other army's.  We'll see when it comes.

For today i have some pictures of the new Lilith Hesperax Model.  I bought this model at the same time as Urien, (see previous post) and painted her, at least partially, the week following.  In her current state she's usuable as a finished, fully painted model however there are areas on this model i feel could benefit from closer attention to detail or even just a touch up or two or ten. To be honest, i didn't like painting this model... it sort of fell through on me after 3 days of trying to work up the ambition to try and do something, (anything!) with this model. Her lack of attention to detail paintjob is also reflected in the less than decent performance on the table top, her rules are awesome, i just can't use her right for the life of me... even with 9 power weapon attacks, i only ever land 1 or 2 of them a turn... that archon is looking better and better all the time. now on to the pictures.

I've decided to go with a light blue skin tone on this model, which takes up the majority of the surface area on this model.  I decided to adhere to the GW colour scheme for the armour, her signature jade green armour plates.  I was tempted to model her with the provided pole arm weapon, but quickly decided against it as the weapon broke when trying to build the model.  This is also one of the last metal castings of this model, as all the current metal kits are being converted to "finecast" resin.

Depending on what happens next weekend i might have a few more models to show off, possibly even a finished song of which i currently have 3 different projects on the go.  So i'm back to the work table, i'll see you in a weeks time.

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