Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Urien Rakarth

This guy was more fun to paint than I thought he was going to be.  This was another early morning paint job, done somewhere around the time of 4am.  Late at night i tend to be most experimental with my colour combinations and this time i think it paid off.

I used a combination of P3, Citadel and Vellajo paints on this model using a combination of familiar and unfamiliar techniques.  One of the challenges with this model was the cloak. After several attempts i finally settled on a green colour, shaded with purple and highlighted with a light blue that I've used elsewhere on the model.

The skin tone was an adjustment to a scheme that i had once came up with for some wyches.  The skin tone on the wyches i founds was a little too contrast strong so i decided to go with a much more gradual effect.  The skin was base coated in Trollblood highlight (light grey-brown) and then shaded by adding Regal Blue to the skin tone and washing it into the recesses.  Different areas received different tones using the same technique, mostly purples and pink hues.

The face was especially detailed and interesting to paint, the exposed areas of scalp let me create a striking contrast even with the light colours already used in the models skin.  I rarely use pure white, but i decided to give it a shot here.  I later toned it down a bit with a wash which was dual purpose, also shading the recesses
around the areas of exposed bone.

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