Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cities of Death Terrain

So, first of all to explain exactly what is going on here.  Yes the plague tower is still being worked on, yes, the green stuff came in, and yes, lots of exciting gaming is on the horizon.

During the brief period that the plague tower was put on hold i got the insane urge to batch up some city terrain, for games of cities of death.  I've been using a great deal of the panels from the basillica and shrine of the Aquila kits as i find they go great together.  Now given the opportunity I am going to try and make the scope of this project as large as possible, yes, i'd like to see a gaming table where there are buildings cramming ever city block, much like the old games I'd played in Milton... seeing as getting out there isn't usually an option recently, i'm resorting to what i know best, creating.  Yes, my personal gaming table needs some buildings, it's looking a little bare in games of 40k.

Here is the progress so far on the terrain set.

here is one of the sides of the first ruined building built up... it stands four stories and is mounted on hardboard for stability.

This is the interior with a better view of how the kit comes together.  The base still needs a little work but the building itself is painted.  A variety of dark brownish greens, browns, and metallics were used to paint the model.

Heres a closeup on the rubble strewn along the bottom edges of rear of the building, notice the column piece in the center of the building on the first floor.

Here's a picture of the second building in the works, still white from the resin casts.  I'm undecided whether to extend the building, or broaden it, really.  The idea of completing the building in its entirety did cross my mind, however i want to keep it from being unwieldy to game with.

This is the side of the second building in the works.  I really like how well the two sets compliment eachother.

Hopefully i'll have some more pictures up soon of some more painted terrain pieces, and another update for the plague tower soon!

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