Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Retribution of Scyrah WIP - Dawnguard

Much of my painting time has been spent working on the Retribution of Scyrah models that i've picked up over the past several weeks.  Seeing as the majority of my plans this week have been canceled there is an abundance of time to get a few more of these minis painted up for my next game.

Warmachine seems to have exploded at the Black Knight, so there is always someone there who is up for a game, lucky me!  It usually seems that I do much more painting than gaming, however that isn't the case here.  I anticipate the overabundance of enthusiasm may calm down when people become "bored" of the game, but for now, i'll get as much gaming in as i can.

Today I have some pictures of some nearly finished Retribution Dawnguard Invictors models painted up using the scheme found on most of the studio models.

Here are the models in the unit i have worked on so far, six in total.  The armour was painted with a base coat of Astronomicon grey and then brought up to a pure white over several watered down layers.  I think i've managed to get it down to 5 layers to produce what you see, although further shading may be necessary due to the loss of gradation, quick sometimes comes at a cost.  The blades have been painted mithril silver and washed with hawk turquoise, details on the armour are washed by a hawk turquoise and white mix about 50:50 each.  The darker metal is a basecoat of boltgun metal washed with laviathan purple.  The bases were painted in Granite followed by Khemri Brown, and finally Dehneb stone.

This is a work in progress shot of the officer of the unit, notice i have yet to paint the gemstones, i'll get to this hopefully soon!

This is the second most recent model i've painted for this unit.  I really like the way the hair turned out.

I've started work on a mage hunters unit as well as hope to get back to the plague tower and imperial city ruins in the near future.  All will be done in time!

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  1. Very pretty. :D Keep on the good work, and keep on gaming!!