Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tomb Kings - Tomb Guard

So I'm taking a little break from building walls for the evening and have put together a few pieces for a good friend of mine.  After much labour and work at getting the mold to cooperate i've managed to cast a few skeletons which turned out fairly well.  There are some inperfections from the originals, but these are hardly noticeable after a little care and a coat of paint.

This is the group shot, you can see the original to the far left primed in white, the middle mini is a casting of the first and is primed in a bone pigment.  The mini to the right is a casting that has recieved a full coat of paint.

Heres some further closeups on how the painted casting looks with a coat of paint on it.   A note on how the model was painted.  The first step was to prime the model with bone coloured primer, then wash all bone areas with griphonne sepia.  paint all bandages with khemri brown, and all metal areas with scorched brown.  dry brush bone areas with bleached bone.  Drybrush metallic areas with mythril silver, then wash the entire model with devlin mud, clean up bandages with khemri brown, and bone areas with bleached bone, drybrush talberd with dwarven bronze.  Paint trim on shield and armour turquois, highlighting up to bleached bone, wash armour panels with baal red, and paint gems with blood red.

I hope Steven manage to kick a lot of but with these guys.

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