Sunday, February 7, 2010

POST 1.01 The First

so now that we've gotten the introductions out of the way I've decided to post the first of my mini posts. This miniature is one that i'm not particularly fond of, released with the dark eldar back in 1998 yes over a decade ago. The sculpt in itself is great, except for those hideous hands that i've thought of cutting off and replacing several times over now, but till then these giant mitts will have to do. The colour scheme is simple, and as it is a work in progress (They're always work in progresses till i decide to stop working on them), so take it with a grain of salt it isn't going to be the best paint job ever... pretty much everything about this photo is sub par, my painting, the miniature itself, and of course my superior photography skills (the sarcasm is thick isn't it).

I took three different angles of this picture to show you all the curves of this buxom beauty. Comments are welcome, email me for any questions about the paint scheme.

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