Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome to the Avernus in Miniature Blog! This is the first entry which will definitely rock your socks off because yes, there are no pictures, there are no videos, no content what-so-ever, just me. Your one of a kind, self proclaimed Blogmaster Mallius. Currently i'm working on a whole host of projects to document on this web page, primarily music and miniature endeavors... so without adieu, sit back and relax and wait for the next blog entry!

... ahh, tired of waiting i see. There is little more that i can suggest other than maybe starting a blog of your own and documenting your oh so inferior interests in detail there, so that they can remain hidden in the deepest darkest recesses of what i'm informed is the "Blog-o-sphere". Shall you rot and whelp in peace... but really start a blog, it's a great way of documenting little things for you and your friends to gloat and obsess over, really it's oodles of fun! DO IT! Bye! and have fun! It's Mandatory! (or so i was once told)

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