Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today, i'm posting something a little different than the previous posts. It is a sketch of a abandoned and rather dilapidated building with the personal effects of a squatter, complete with dirty mattress backpack, empty cans and soda bottle, a pair of broken glasses, soggy reading material and small campfire. The original inspiration I had for this sketch is lost, but I've considered using it as reference for completing a much more defined and possibly colourized digital version, depends on how ambitious i get with the drawing, more than likely it will remain at this stage of completion in my sketch book, blown out windows, broken reinforced concrete and all.
Inspired originally by unpopulated urban areas found throughout the west, (primarily Canada and the United States) I find a certain amount of beauty in decrepitude and the dissolution of the urban expanse. I would have liked to incorporate more natural elements in the picture such as over grows, weeds, grass, trees and all, but i felt that this environ looked way too war torn in the finished product rather than the subject of gradual decay. This picture could be considered a post apocalyptic vision or an expose on the life of the urban homeless, take it as you will. I think the picture needs some softness with all it's sharp edges, maybe a old well used teddy bear or something of the sort sitting on the edge of the bed, something small to bring in that creepy atmosphere, something to remind us that no matter where we are in life we are still human.

Edit* Here is the updated picture with the stuffed bear, adds a innocence to the decrepitude...

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  1. Awesome. I really like that. It kind of reminds me of "the hole" that they have on "The Lovely Bones" movie. The teddy bear really adds more to the picture for sure! :)