Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chaos Space Marines: Deathguard Plague Marine Rhino

Hello once again!  today i have a little treat of an update.  All those deathguard minis I've been painting up no longer have to foot slog it from one side of the table to the other.  Here i have a rhino converted for the deathguard faction of my chaos space marine army painted similarly to the model i used in the death guard plague marine painting tutorial i posted awhile back.  Painting a large boxy model like this can sometimes be a challenge with all the flat surface area on the model.  I find the best method of painting tanks like the rhino is develop a theme over the model and use a large brush, work on the big areas to begin with and then pick out the detail later.

Here are some pics

I've decided to use a light natural mint green paint (knarloc green highlighted to dehneb stone) for the armour plates and shading with purple wash, then painting the depressions with chardonite granite and a sort of faded pestilent pattern.  The detail on the side door was hand sculpted to symbolise that this in fact is a deathguard rhino.  a few details have yet to be picked out.  Weathering was achieved by stippling scorched earth paint with a spare piece of foam that you find packaged with the blister packs of your minis.  Other areas were drybrushed to achieve the appearance of soot. Each of the bolts were picked out by a dot of devlan mud which was trailed downwards.  all the metal areas received a coat of scorched brown before being painted with dwarf bronze and mythril silver.

Here's the other side of the tank panted the same way, along with another deathguard mini i also painted last night.  This gives a rough idea of scale as well.

Here is a detailed shot of the Crewman on the top of the Rhino manning the Pintle mounted combi-flamer.  I used some left over shoulder pads and a head from a old kit i had.  The shoulder pads are forgeworld resin, and the head is a metal piece from the old plague marine havocs boxed set (plague marines with assault weapons.)

Here is one of my favorite parts of this model, the exposed brain of the gunner! So cool!

I'm looking forward to getting this out on the table some time soon.

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