Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dark Angels

After a quick coat of paint, this is how the AoBR space marine with sculpted cloak turned out. I have to find a way to blend the green stuff for a smoother finish than this, as i noticed when i was painting the model there were plenty of dips and crevices that i did not originally think were there in the first place. If any one knows how best to do this, pleas feel free to comment on this post with an answer. Currently on the painting table are 4 devastator marines that go with the veteran sergeant that i had posted a few days ago. I'm hoping that the red eyes of the dark angels don't clash with the blue eyes of the deathwing terminators. It should be a striking contrast with the green suits of armour next to bone white terminators and black bikes and landspeeders. I'd also like to add a witch hunters component to this army, something along the lines of two battle sister squads with rhinos and a Canoness or Inquisitor lord. We'll see what happens.

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