Monday, May 10, 2010

Still Plagued by Yellow Paint!!!

After four days of steadily working on more involving painting and sculpting projects, i decided to take a quick break and paint something up for the blog.  Yes the Ork Dreads are still being worked on, however there is only so much yellow one person can take, and after an unfortunate accident where a yellow coloured primer decided to start to desolve one of my killa kans i became a little dishearted with the whole deal.  (the killa kan has been fixed with a new replacement faceplate care of the Stompa Kit).  On the sculpting table are nine space marines, currently receiving robes made of green stuff, so that they fit the theme of my robed dark angels army.  If you scroll down you can see the prototype of the converted and painted dark angels marine, it's going to take some time, but it will definitely be worth it.

Now i know this model isn't going to win me any golden demons, and it isn't the most striking looking model ever, but it was incredibly fun to paint none the less.  After being generally dissatisfied with all the internet tutorials on how to paint death guard i decided to give a go at the rotting minty green armour that is typical of the death guard.  I was actually suprised at how simple it really was.  I started with priming the model black, and then applying a general base coat of Chardonite Granite to the entire model (this was done some time prior to the actual painting of the mini).  following this the model was then given a general base coat of knarloc green covering all but the deepest of recesses.   After debating on a highlighting colour for quite awhile, and several seemingly useless dried up pots of rotting flesh later, i decided to use dehneb stone mixes 1:1 with some white just to get the mix closer to the off white of the rotting flesh colour.  With this mix i then ran a test gradation  on my wet pallet running from gnarloc green all the way to the mixed dehneb stone, needless to say i was instantly happy with the results and used the gradation to then highlight the model.  The recesses of the armour and pockmarks were then given a treatment of a controlled laviathan purple wash to achieve the bruised recesses on the model, the portions joining the armour plates were also treated in this manner.  The trim was then painted entirely in a dark brown (something around a scorched brown, bestial would work as well) and drybrushed mythril silver after the brown had dried.  To tone down the brightness of the metal parts they were washed in devlin mud, followed by bedab black.  The few hoses and tubes on the model were painted fenris grey and washed black.  To paint the eyes i started with some warlock purple leaving a ring of black around the outside of the eye, and highlighted almost to white towards the center of each.  The last step was to pick out the rivets on the model with some mithril silver to brighten things up a bit, and there you have it, a finished Death Guard Plague Marine!

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