Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Searing Hot Plasma

This is the second addition to the Dark Angels Devastator squad that I've been working on.  This rather shiny plasma cannon toting marine was painted in the same way as the other Dark Angels Marines in power armour to date.  I've opted away for the red trim that Games workshop is currently using on their 'eavy metal dark angels (although some of my older painted models do feature this) in favour of the older darker scheme of the pure green armour that fades nearly to black.  The guns for the vast majority are either going to be painted with the green scheme of the armour (for the larger weapons) or black (for the smaller weapons).  I'm still not exactly sure if i like whats going on with the cloaks, but i believe it will tie the marines in with the death guard a little better to have them similar colours.  Now on to paint some Ork stuff!

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