Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plague Tower: Progress Log

Back again with some updates on exactly how this plague tower is coming together.  First i decided to finish bulking out the frame with the "hut" protrusions that are found on the exterior of the tower.  I wanted to avoid any unnessessary extra work, specifically putting these things on after i complete the siding, so it's best to get them on and over with.

Here's a second look at the shape of the structure.

Using a thick plastic card i've outlined the various areas on the model with the large metal strips that can be found in the concept sketch, these just break up the model visually.

This stage was the beginning of what will be the fiddly work on this project, i've cut out pannels of normal thickness plasticard and glued it to the sides in a mixed up fashion as to make the thing look a little ramshackle, once again a lot of this is done to visually break up the model.  All the areas that are still bare will be covered in the wooden looking siding instead the armour plates will only cover the front of the model, making it look more bulky towards the front.  You can also stee that i've started removing the top of the card that is to bee the corrugated roofing.

Here i've gone through the meticulous task of putting rivets on the sides of each armour plate, i've also started with putting the wooden siding on the areas that are still bare.  It's slowly coming along.

Well thats it for now till i get some more done.

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