Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plague Tower: Progress Log 2

After some further design work, i've decided what to do with the other side of this monsterous construct.  First lets take a look at the back.  I've installed some rhino doors that were extra from a predator i once bought.

after some work on the side paneling, i've finally managed to finish the wood planks along the sides, as well as adding some more armour plates for the hut supports which i will install later.

Here is a picture of the fitting for the "Pus Tank" that will occupy the majority of the other side of the model.  This was actually made by heating up a metal pipe and running it through the center of both circular disks.

And finally a picture with the "pus tank" installed to give an idea of the overall look.  The "pus tank" is made of a small "living habitat" small animal water bottle that i had hanging around collecting dust.

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