Monday, May 10, 2010

I've caught the Plague Marine Plague!

Yet again, another Plague Marine, the second for today, i'm on a roll!  It's painted the same as the other i painted today.  This particular model features some new aspects that i didn't get to explore with the other however.  for example a great deal more visible surface due to the pose of the model, a rusted broken sword peice and some bare flesh, or what seems to be bare flesh.  (if you look closely at it's left eye it seems to have melted a little, almost reminds me of leather face).  I tried to do more with shading and highlighting on this model, i think it shows.  Also check out the cool wooden gunstock, i painted this incredibly quickly, utilizing a base coat of scorched brown, followed by bleached bone, and a devlin mud wash, and voila, rotten wooden stock for the bolter.

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