Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plague Tower Concept and Frame

So this is the plan, build a plague tower of Nurgle.  The Plague tower of Nurgle is a super heavy vehicle brought over to games of Apocalypse 40k, from an old epic Warhammer 40k Model.  The idea is that it is a plague infested tower on wheels the sports a Heavy Mortar, two Demolisher Cannons protruding from the demonic faces stretched over the front like skin and at the bottom, the very bizzare and disgusting plague cannon which fires huge gouts of sludge from the many plague vats that surround the vehicle like blisters.  Oh and did i mention it transports 30 models and has 6 structure points?

So after spending some time looking at the old epic model i did up a concept sketch of what i would want a plague tower of nurgle to look like.   I decided to keep much of the same shape and concept of the original model however I decided to place more scaffolding around the outside of the contraption, complete with decks and crew compartments.  I really want this thing to look like a plagued rotting construct. 

So this is the initial mock up of the tower done in cardboard with some models on it for size refference.  This is the tower part of the model that will sit on the chassis.  Thanks to pizza pizza for supplying the card.  At this moment it doesn't look like much, but hey use some imagination.

Here's a second picture of the great box that will be the nurgle tower!

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