Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dark Angels Green Cloak

Although not another noise marine sculpt, i've decided to put the green stuff to the green marines. As the Assault on black reach marines can be a little bland i've decided to sculpt the traditional dark angels cloaks onto the models. There's about 20 of them or so to do so this should take some time, especially as seeing the steps to complete this one mini nearly took me five days in its entirety, waiting a full 8 hours between each sculpting session. As the cloak extends from the body, there is a great deal of filler work that needs to be done on the model, slowly layering on the detail ontop of a smooth guide layer. Even after all the sculpting was complete i found that i went back with an exacto blade over the edges of the cloak to give it sharper edges and more defined corners, by trimming away a small portion of the cured green. This model has been primed and is on the table to be painted.

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